I'm a web designer and developer based in Providence, RI. I love making things from scratch and watching new ideas come to life. Whether it's brainstorming, coding, drawing, cooking, or playing music, my hands are always creating.


Software Engineer at Motel

I'm currently working with the talented folks at Motel.is. I take the lead on front-end development projects and work to build meaningful and precisely engineered experiences. I work with tech such as React, Angular, Node, and Express.
Projects: Motel, Saent

Lead Creative Developer at Figmints Delicious Designs

Designed user experiences and crafted custom websites for some amazing businesses. I worked to create an original theme for the agency to rapid prototype custom websites. My role focused on bridging the design and development teams to create cutting edge web experiences. I placed a strong focus on mentoring the development team, leading code reviews, and introducing new technologies.
Clients: Identifi, Di Studio, SalesBrief, Upscape Travel, Strategic Point Invenstment Advisors & Swimex Swim Spa Pools.

Teaching Assistant at Boston University

Lectured on mobile first and responsive web design techniques. Introduced front-end frameworks to the course's curriculum and mentored students throughout the design process. They learned how to create a brand identity across digital platforms and how to build meaningful user experiences.
Courses: CM 529 Design & New Media II and CM 561 Fundamentals of Design & Creative Software

Front-End Web Developer at Schoolyard, Inc.

Created custom websites for independent schools around the world. Began as an intern in 2012 and became a contract developer in 2014. I helped to create a new method for building semi-custom websites by recycling Drupal layouts and views and creating a packaged website with one source of content and multiple themes to chose from. Sample Sandbox

Human-Robotic Interaction Designer at Neurala, Inc.

Lead the first design exploration for a more intelligent robot controller for the iPad. I worked with engineers and neuroscientists to create a system for building smarter commands for household robots. Many of the project details are under NDAs, and I am listed as a designer on two of the company's patents.

"Apparatuses, Methods, and Systems of Defining Hardware-Agnostic Brains for Autonomous Robots," U.S. Patent Pending.

"Neural Robot Control Interface," U.S. Design Patent Pending.


Boston University, College of Communication '15

Cum Laude

Graduated in January 2015 with a B.S. Advertising and minor in Computer Science.

The College of Communication gave me the theoretical foundation for creating successful products for New Media. I've researched, applied theories to, designed, prototyped, built, critiqued and improved upon new and existing products.

The Computer Science department honed the skills I need to create clean, efficient, and innovative products. I've learned about algorithm efficiency, design frameworks for web and mobile, 3D graphics programming, and database administration.



  • Jade & Mustache
  • ES6 Javascript, jQuery, CoffeeScript
  • Static Sites with Roots
  • Webpack, Gulp


  • UX Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • SVG animation

App Programming

  • Client Side Javascipt
  • PHP (advanced)
  • Ruby on Rails (beginner)
  • Git


  • Contentful CMS API
  • Wordpress & Drupal
  • mySQL & MongoDB
  • Hubspot API and Integrations

Select Works


Developed a custom Wordpress site for a software company's rebrand. Developed using atomic design principles on a webpack, Bourbon/Neat stack. Includes many custom interactions subtle animations.

Live Site


Developed a Roots static site for a Providence based film studio. Includes subtle animations, responsive typography, and Hubspot integrations. Built with Roots, Contentful, Bourbon/Neat, jQuery, FullPage.js, Netlify

Live Site

SalesBrief Splashpage

Developed an immersive splash page for SalesBrief's launch. Built with Webpack, Bourbon/Neat and a Flickity slideshow. Includes responsive type and Hubspot integrations.

Live Site


I will happily respond to any emails sent to alexandreadef [at] gmail [dot] com
I'm currently in Providence, RI. If you want to talk about a project or have any other questions, drop me a line and we can grab coffee.
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