Alexandrea Suri

I am a Lead Software Engineer with a deep understanding of Front-End architecture and passion for my team. I solve problems from a place of compassion – for the end user, for the planet, and for the on-call engineer. I am currently on family leave and looking for a role where I can learn from the best and use my skills to improve the lives of others.

Values → Presence, Health & Wellness, Compassion

Languages → Javascript ES6, Typescript, Elixir

Frameworks → React, React Native, Next.js, Vue.js, Ember, Phoenix, LiveView

Technologies → Node.js, RxJS, GraphQL, Alpine.js, Tailwind.css, LESS, SCSS, Styled Components, Gastby, Contentful, Ghost, Vercel, GitHub Actions, Docker, AWS, Heroku, Postgres


Radix Olympia Desktop Wallet | Tech Lead | Vue.js 3 / Typescript / RxJS

Radix Instapass | Tech Lead | Vue.js 3 / Typescript

Favor Blog | Tech Lead | React 17 / Typescript / Gatsby / ContentfulCMS / GraphQL

SimplyQMS | Tech Lead | Vue.js / Cypress E2E

Alcor MiniISED Hardware UI | Front-End Engineer | Vue.js / Hardware Installation